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A Sustainable Halloween.

With Halloween approaching, the idea of individually plastic-wrapped candy has been on my mind. It may not shock you, but Americans consume 600 million pounds of candy each year and, according to the 2018 NFR Halloween consumer behaviour survey, consumers plan to spend $3.2 billion on costumes (purchased by 68 percent of Halloween shoppers) and $.6 billion on candy (95 percent of consumers). WUT.

While I’m all for having fun and indulging in a little sugar and a lot of dressing up, today I want to share a few thoughts on how you can clean up your trick-or-treating without too much effort, and hopefully save a little money!


If you’re not handing out to kiddos, consider hitting up your local bulk barn (mason jar’s in hand, of course) and filling every container you can get your hands on with plastic-free candy for all of your party and household needs. It’s simple, it’s cheaper, and it can be a cute decor idea as well! There’s always the option to provide small paper bags to munch out of or take home, another cheap and cute option that’s a much better alternative for the planet.


I know it’s not the coolest, most trendy idea.. but since it’s not exactly acceptable to hand out non-sealed candy to the neighbourhood children, consider being that semi-boring person that gives out something other than candy. Use the opportunity to get creative, it doesn’t mean your item has to be less-cool or fun, if anything, it can be an opportunity to diversify the child’s treasure! A few simple ideas could include boxes of crayons, sidewalk chalk, painted baby pumpkins, even that paper that has seeds in it so they can grow their own butterfly garden! Get creative!


This is also the most simple thing out there.. get creative with your costume! GO THRIFTING. Cheap, simple, gets the creative juices flowing and can totally be a fun afternoon with your best friend or a cute date night idea leading up to the 31st!

Here’s the deal, friends.. if we’re truly passionate about sustainability and if we really want deep change, it has to seep into the simple, small pleasures that are hard to give up or adjust. Keys to success look like

STARTING SMALL: do one thing at a time and don’t stress about it, you’re more likely to upkeep a small change over time.

ACCOUNTABILITY: try making a holiday change with a friend! Two heads full of ideas are better than one.. and I’d be willing to bet it’ll be more fun too.

HAVE FUN: this is, after all, a holiday. If you’re not having fun with it, what are we even doing here?

Have a wonderful and safe halloween, friends! If you try any of these ideas out.. be sure to tag us on Instagram so we can see your beautiful creations!!




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