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Diary Of a Recovering Litter Bug: My Journey Towards Zero Waste + A Sustainable Home.

It's humorous, the different directions life can take you. Maybe humorous isn’t the most accurate word.. perhaps entertaining is a better fit. A series of moments and choices (in my case a mix of regular, less than glamorous, peculiar and spectacular ones) brought me to this moment in time that I am now sharing with you - potentially a stranger - on the internet. When I take an objective look at where I currently am in life and time, as well as how I got here, the math doesn’t necessarily add up. The road map isn’t a clear path at all. The situations and circumstances that have built the current version of me, for all intents and purposes, really should have produced a human that looks quite different.. and yet, here we are.  The whole picture is nothing short of humorously entertaining.. at least to me!

What brought you to this specific blog post? This little corner of the internet where Sarah and I type out the contents of our hearts in an attempt to connect over our passions with whoever is willing to read? If it’s more obscure than clicking a social media link to support a friend.. I’m curious to actually know how you arrived here, because I don’t know your story. On this side of the equation, all I can tell you is mine.

I haven’t always been interested in a sustainable way of living. In fact, I’m embarrassed to say that growing up in rural northern Alberta, Canada, it was actually cool to be a litter-bug back in the day. (It probably wasn’t ACTUALLY cool, but the peer pressure told me otherwise and I’m not proud). Convenience, luxury and the feeling of not having to care was a world I was truly content living in (if I’m being honest) until the zero waste movement began to become trendy at the end of 2017. I know.. that wasn’t very long ago. Don’t @ me.

How did Jaedyn Mackenzie journey from ‘litter-bug' to 'sustainability enthusiast'? Also, who even is she?? Well.. the road is not short and, like I said.. the twists don’t even make sense.. yet, again, they add up because here we are, fam! First of all, I am currently a Toronto-based photographer and hobby food instagrammer, though I haven’t always been a photographer. This is going to sound random, so bear with me! When I got my wisdom teeth out in 2014 I discovered makeup tutorials on youtube (because, you know… all the down time) and I figured “I could do that!” I borrowed my sisters camera and started filming tutorials and it wasn’t long before I realized I enjoyed editing the videos and taking pictures for the thumbnails waaaay more than the makeup! 

As a girl who’s never fit the typical job scene, I should’ve known it wouldn’t be long before I was coaxing friends in front of my lens and turning it into a business! On an average day you can find me sipping a gin + tonic with lime, cozied up next to my red-headed childhood best friend-turned husband watching New Girl.. aaaand cooking.

Food has been a part of my life since before I can remember. Yours too, right? As the oldest female of 9 siblings, I naturally learned to cook quite young in an attempt to be helpful. It basically became a deep passion overnight. I loved creating new dishes and improvising simple ones into something more flavourful, but it was my mom who instilled in me a comprehensive understanding and value for healthy eating and caring for your body through food. Taking photos of the food I make and sharing them online is my favourite hobby and sort of where all my loves converge - it’s definitely one of my favourite activities!

In the last few years since I metaphorically slapped myself in the face and started caring about our beautiful planet, I have become increasingly interested in how we source our food; the production, transport and emissions involved and how each component effects our planet. I’ve cultivated a desire to be an informed consumer and to do my part, personally, to contribute to a better world for those that come after me. In doing so, I’ve found little ways to adapt my household and, ultimately, my lifestyle to one that I am continually growing more proud of.. and one that is truly sustainable, instead of a fad.

So here we are. It’s my humble desire to share my journey and the things I have and am continuing to learn in an effort to entertain, inform and hopefully inspire you in your own journey towards living the best version of your life. Hopefully that involves embracing sustainable practices and a mindfulness surrounding the things you consume, but wherever you’re currently at.. just remember that this girl didn’t give two thoughts to where her food came from up until roughly four years ago.. so clearly there’s hope and grace for all.

I would love to get to know YOU! Yea, you who had the attention span to read through this little bio-style post! Leave me a comment letting me know what FIRST interested/inspired you to adapt the way you live! xx J


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