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My June Goals - Month 1 of Kicking my Shopping Addiction

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Over the past couple of months I have noticed my spending habits increasing dramatically. At points I feel I am out of control, which later gives me strong feeling of guilt and regret. I have been keeping track of my spending pretty closely and watching myself go further and further past my budgeted spending amount for almost every category. I recognize that this is not a sustainable way to live and my finances are taking a huge hit both now and in the future because of my impulsive spending habits.

I came across a blog about kicking your shopping addiction and I have decided to try and set some goals for myself to try and follow for the month of June to put some parameters around my spending and purchasing mindset. This blog I came across is called Mint Notion. The writer seems to have managed to curb her own addiction through some different practices including a no-buy challenge for at least a month. With that being said, here are some of the goals I will be setting for myself this upcoming month to get myself on track.


For the month of June I will be cutting myself off from shopping. That means:

  • No Clothing

  • No Shoes

  • No Accessories - including jewelry, bags, underwear, socks, bathing suits, etc.

  • No New home decor items

This shopping ban will include both new and used items, meaning no thrifting or buying used off Poshmark. Swapping items with friends and family is aloud because the goal is ultimately to limit my spending.

I am not limiting myself to purchasing items for hobby activities such as sewing or macrame, however I will first try to use what I can and start/ finish current projects before investing in more materials/ ideas.


Going through my budget for this past month I have had a realization that my second largest spending category is food. I tend to eat out when I can't decide what to make, which has quickly been adding up. So for the month of June, I will only be allowing myself to eat out once a week. To be specific, this is regarding a full meal and is only counting if I am the one purchasing it. All other meals will be made at home from groceries purchased from a local/ organic market close to my home. With that being said, I am still going to allow myself to grab coffee outside of the house.


I have a habit of going through my closet often to take things out that I feel no longer belong in there. I do however, end up with a large (and I mean large) pile of stuff I have the intention of selling/ donating in the future. This large pile ends up creating clutter in my room and also gives the the idea that I am creating room for more items in my closet by taking things out. So by focusing my energy on finally getting rid of this excess while also making a bit of income while I'm at it, I am hoping to deter myself from further spending. This goal is focused on getting rid of every last thing I have no intention of wearing by the end of June.


On one of the blog posts I read from Mint Notion they mention taking an inventory of your closet. I really like this idea because it really puts into perspective the true volume of what I already own. In comparison to my closet in the past, I have cut back considerably, which if you have seen my closet, you will know is a slightly terrifying and concerning thing. Though my closet looks smaller to me now visually, I still feel it would be helpful to know the quantifiable amount of stuff I really have. This will also let me know where I tend to overbuy and if there are gaps in my closet.

I am really hoping to find these gaps to help me utilize the many beautiful items I have while also creating further versatility in my closet. I want to be happy with less and right now I can't seem to get enough.


I really hope that moving forward this month in this fashion will help me slowly retrain my brain to shop more mindfully and result in a habitual change. This propensity to spend money stems from a place of instant gratification and a rush of positive feelings. It is the easiest and most consistent way I have been able to find an instant shot of happiness in my life, no matter the mental and financial cost later on. This habit does not align with my strong will to live a more sustainable life and is detrimental to my current and future mental health. It won't be easy but I'm going to hold myself accountable and continue to push myself to stay true to my values and become a less impulsive person.

Wish me Luck!


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