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My Top 5 Sustainable Shops In Toronto

Have you ever found yourself in a new city and wondered "where on earth do I start?" In terms of finding new 'favourite spots' to shop and source your favourite items, things can feel a bit overwhelming and even sticky when you have standards of ethical sourcing and sustainability at the forefront of your mind.

Today I want to take some of that overwhelm away and excite you about a few gems in the city of Toronto, ON! Whether you're from the 6, as it is so affectionately referred to, or you have travel plans to visit in your future, make sure you don't go without checking out these gems!


  • Unboxed market The first time I walked into Unboxed Market I felt like I was coming home. It truly feels like what grocery shopping should be - package free, fresh and oh-so-simple. With a ride range of produce (including some very cool package-free items like frozen fruit!), bulk dry goods, fresh bread and meats, deli items in glass (hello hummus), and a variety of home goods, Unboxed Market is a leader in sustainable grocery shopping for our city. When paying a visit, be sure to try out their bulk olive oil on tap!

  • Mamaearth Organics If you're a local or, perhaps, if you're visiting for a while and staying in an AirBnB, Mamaearth Organics is a fabulous delivery service that brings fresh organic produce and healthy pre-made meals to your door! The best part - they pack everything in rubbermaid bins that they then pick up each week and re-use! All of the produce comes plastic-free and well packed together in the bin with your choice of delivery frequency. Another favourite feature is the option to add specific fruits and veggies each week, or go with what's in season - or a mix of both!


  1. Ecotique Toronto The name says it all - an eco-friendly boutique nestled in the heart of Roncesvalles Village, the goal of this gift and and lifestyle shop is to provide greener alternatives for living and giving! In their own words, "their carefully selected products are made from sustainable materials in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. From locally crafted gifts, recycled glassware and jewelry to natural beauty and home care products, they're not only green but gorgeous too!"

  • Bare market What started as a pop-up shop with bulk and re-usable items has turned into a full-on movement. Bare Market is the go-to for everything package free from body, home and personal care to cleaning products, laundry items, essential oils and even bulk makeup! While you can check their instagram to keep up to date on pop-ups, they're opening their permanent home THIS "Decembuary" (2019) in Toronto's East end, at Danforth + Coxwell. 


  • Preloved Toronto Upcycle is a verb at this boutique where they carefully curate each piece of clothing from reclaimed vintage and blend it with deadstock and overrun fabrics to create a unique garment. It's truly the most creative thing I've ever seen, blending sustainability, thrifting and recycling all into one. You literally have to just check it out for yourself!

  • Kotn Could this post even exist without mentioning Kotn? "Kotn was founded to prove it’s possible to create products that combine beautiful design, premium quality, and ethical manufacturing without costing a fortune. With each purchase, you are creating lasting change in the garment industry, with a portion of proceeds funding schools for our farmers' children." Located near Trinity Bellwoods Park on Queen St West, the store is as beautiful as each piece, and the design and quality will NOT leave you disappointed.

Each of these stores are also available to follow in Instagram (and trust me, you should), but they are also 100% worth a visit! While Toronto is an epicentre for amazing, ground breaking stores in the areas of sustainability, zero waste and ethical sourcing/production, I hope this post was somewhat helpful in giving you a place to begin! If you head to any of these locations for the first time, make sure to drop me a DM on instagram and let me know what you thought Have a beautiful week, friends! xx J


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