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Why You Can Make a Difference

You are one person. You may be wondering how you could possibly make a difference in this mess of a world right now. I get it, problems like climate change, child labour and garment worker exploitation are huge issues that go beyond the scope of you and I individually. It can feel hopeless, overwhelming and even a nuisance to attempt to make positive changes in the right direction.

These feelings are stemming from a place of the unknown. You may not know how you can change whats going on in the world on a large scale. But guess what, you don't have to. Your best act of resistance is to simply not participate in the creation of the problem. By simply opting out of contributing to these issues you are, in effect, making positive changes in the right direction. By not contributing, you are silently but deliberately resisting the system that is perpetuating each one of these huge global issues. Yes, resistance can and does come from a place of privilege. The privilege to opt out of Fast Fashion or switch to renewable energy sources. But in most cases, it's those who hold the most privilege that are having the largest negative impacts meaning it is those who hold privilege to do something that need to change the most.

We as consumers have an unspeakable power over those who make the products we purchase. These large companies want us to buy things, and will do whatever they can to make that happen. If we like a particular colour one season, then that company will make sure their products are provided in that colour. If we demand a particular material, they will provide that material in their products. They're after our money in the end and will make changes to their business to get it. With that idea in mind, what would happen if we simply stopped buying their cheap products? If you and I decided to go shop at a local clothing store over a large Fast Fashion brand, what are the impacts on that business? Sure, one or two customers choosing to shop somewhere else may not seam like a big deal. But soon enough those people will tell their friends, and those people will tell their friends and so on. Soon enough the idea of shopping locally and sustainably will spread like wildfire, as it has already started to do. Then that Fast Fashion company has a problem on their hands that they are forced to deal with. No money in their pockets equals redefining what the customer wants and needs. And it all starts with you and me.


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